Some words about us

Sobre Nosotros
The village of Pandiellu
lies on a shelf in the northern green Cabraliego near Llanes boundaries, and flanking the narrow streets of old stone houses decorated with flowers Antojanes and sills. Accompanying background, almost permanently, music bell, and cows and goats, which are accustomed to hikers, just pay attention, are more interesting and juicy green grass rising from the deep confluence of Casaño and Cares.

Acting as a lookout circular deep valley around the hills of Juanrobre, Cabrerizas Ondon Portudera and, with his outgoing "heads" and Llorosu Forcau, the home village of Portiello Llosu The interest was born from the work and love of Mariví: and Joseph, to recover an old, dilapidated sixteenth-century family mansion to make healthy eating and repair of breaks, and not less healthy, restorative walks, taste and detail they have left, something that is obvious and confirms the room.

There are five double bedrooms, spacious, comfortable, light, landscape and embedded blessed with bathrooms and showers watertight bulkheads handicapped accessible. One room has a window with the most remote historical mark, under stones and ledges carved stone seats, including two faced, and distributing linens carved eggs, another room open balcony to infinity and floral details and angels painted on the headboard and cabinets, the soft yellows and creams on the walls are broken and put in the light solid stone and thick beams protruding roofs.
Sobre Nosotros

No missing chairs readers appropriate points of light, antique ornaments and lucid; missing, however, some hassle, especially television, excluding the living room fireplace.

The homemade breakfast every morning glad common dining room and terrace, and prepare a short but intense journey starting and finishing in the same Portiella.
In half an hour away we will see, through Cares, the mole Peña Santa western and central Urriellu with the sea front. Wonder and magic of Asturias.