In Cabrales

  • Route of Cares
  • Naranjo de Bulnes
  • Camin Real de Cabrales
  • Viewpoints de Camarmeña, Asiegu, Poo
  • Fishing Preserves Salmon River Cares
  • Bulnes Funicular
  • Picos de Europa
  • The Lake of Covadonga
  • Cave Exhibition Cabrales Cheese
  • Free Zones trout, and salmon defendant in the rivers Cares and Casaño
  • Artistic and cultural heritage of the Council of Cabrales
Sobre Nosotros

A half-hour

  • Jurassic Museum of Asturias "MUJA" (Colunga)
  • Ethnographic Museum of Eastern Asturias (Porrua, Llanes)
  • File of Indians (Colombres Ribadedeva)
  • Cave of Pindal (Pimiango, Ribadedeva)
  • Cave of Tito Bustillo (Ribadesella)
  • Cave of Buxu (Cangas de Onis)
  • Jesters and beaches of Llanes
  • The Cubes of Memory and Villa de Llanes
  • Covadonga and The Lakes
  • The Roman Bridge (Cangas de Onis)
  • Hall of Monarchy (Cangas de Onis)
  • The Natural Monument Buell Sauceda
Sobre Nosotros

Points of interest

Get close to the heart of the countryside of the Peaks, listen to local stories and reach the local dialect.
Get started in the love of the mountains and nature, walking trails and enjoying the outdoors.

Embrace the ancient Texu Arango and drinks at the legendary source of The Princesses.
Discover the diversity of landscape and ecosystems of Asturias from Cabrales, from the Bay of Biscay at 2.648m to the Torrecerredo.
Make the Route of Cares and imagine about this "Work of the Titans", which involved the construction of the canal around 1920.
Talk to pastors in their flocks. From there look to the North: you'll see the sea coast. Llan de Cubel sings:
"Cabraliega, cabraliega
que amayades pa la peña
que desde la to mayada
ves la mar y ves la tierra."

Remember, if the peaks are great up, they are even further down: in them are 6 of the 14 deepest caves on the planet.

Pisa ancient stones of the Roman road of Mount Caoru to approach where, in the wars against the Romans, took refuge Asturian tribes.
Learn how a cheese so famous as Cabrales matures in the bowels of the cave, thanks to Penicilium, the fungus that converts a mass of curd in a special delicacy.
Discover the hospitality of people who live in Cabrales: any excuse will be good to start a conversation.
Imagine Urriellu ascent from the privileged viewpoint of Collado Pandebano or tryit with training and guide. Admire the world record of hanging winter stay (69 days) on the track "Winter Dreams", or in his last frontier as free ascension, with no strings, trough Pou brothers on the road "Orbayu" the most difficult global (9 +)

Supports the rain with the cheerful wisdom Asturian thanks to Orbayu to enjoy this lush nature.
Try our gastronomy: the Cheese Cabrales, the beans, the cabritu, rice with milk...
Look at the details of the civil architecture: modest cabins, died, roofs, walkways, stones ... aid in the human conquest of a hostile environment such as the whimsical landscape of peaks.
Hear the sound of "lloqueru", perhaps the oldest voice in this land of shepherds.
Meet the Corri-ran, a ritual dance of ancient origin, the oldest in Europe, which kept the people of Arenas perhaps as reminiscent of those that according to Estrabon the Astures tribes was executed in full moon nights.
Get in the village of Bulnes, by cable car or better, walking (1:30 pm), remembering those lines of Constantino Cabal:

"... que istos senderinos / van al paraisu / y debéis crucialos / allabando a Dios."

Behold the glacial moraine in the valley of Duje, and imagine the past landscape.
Retreat to the cool woods of banks (La Molina, Llano Molín ride ...), walking through the chestnut trees and Cuerres, and admire the floral wealth and local mycological.